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Recommended Books

This month CCJS is highlighting the following newly released book, "Christians & Jews, Faith to Faith: Tragic History, Promising Present, Fragile Future" (Jewish Lights Publishing, October 31, 2010), by Rabbi James Rudin, founder and member of the board of the Center for Catholic - Jewish Studies at Saint Leo University.

"For two thousand years, Christians and Jews have coexisted in an uneasy state of tension, mutual suspicion, and often hatred and violence. But in recent years, courageous Christian and Jewish leaders have together confronted the past with laserlike intensity and commenced the urgent task of building bridges of solidarity, mutual knowledge and respect. This extraordinary effort, coming after two millennia that were frequently filled with intolerance and distrust, reverses a tragic history and creates a new and constructive relationship between Christians and Jews. But it has not been easy. How did this happen? How was it possible to begin the process of overcoming centuries of stereotypes, caricatures and bigotry? And does the development of constructive Christian-Jewish relations, albeit still fragile, offer a successful model to resolve other intergroup conflicts? This probing examination of Christian-Jewish relations looks at the major issues facing both faith traditions to guarantee that the recent hard-earned gains and achievements will not be lost or weakened in the difficult years ahead."

About the Author

Rabbi James Rudin, was a member of the American Jewish Committee's professional staff for thirty-two years, where he served as Interreligious Affairs Director. He is currently the AJC's Senior Interreligious Adviser. An international leader in interreligious relations, Rabbi Rudin participated in eleven meetings with John Paul II and Benedict XVI. He is a prolific author and a columnist for the Religion News Service/Newhouse Newspaper Syndicate, and has published articles in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Christian Century, National Catholic Reporter and Christianity Today. Among his books is Israel for Christians: Understanding Modern Israel. Rabbi Rudin is a frequent guest on television and radio programs.